The son who lost and found his purpose

This story is based on an old story that may be very familiar to you. It has been altered a bit but it is still well within the spirit of the original story. It fits very well with the ideas behind the materials for Find Your Purpose, Love your Life that I am working on […]

Lessons learned

Ever thought that your problems and issues follow you around. It does not matter you are doing the down side of your personality or character shows through. Of course you don’t have a down side of your personality so you. I know I do and this week I have been doing a  review of all […]

Follow your heart’s desires

Follow your heart’s desires. It seems so selfish doesn’t it. Remember the film the Sound of Music. At the start of the film we see a young woman who loves being out in the open air with her guitar. She is struggling to fit in with the lifestyle of a convent. She is sent out […]

I did some research but I did not learn what I expected to learn

I went to the library do do some research. I sat there quietly reading a book and taking notes thinking that the information I read was the important part of the research. Yes that was useful but I learnt even more from what I heard. I heard about the effects of the changes in our […]

The problem with ditching tried and tested ideas

Often we see the downside of something but take the upside for granted. There are few things that do not have both an upside and a downside. It is so easy to compare disadvantages and forget to look at the advantages. What was the old way of thinking? Let’s look at an example that affects […]

How do we get unstuck?

How many times have I (or you for that matter) said “I would like to do that but…” We seem to be stuck something is making  it hard to do what we want to do. It seems as if whatever we want to do. There seems to be some kind of barrier. Some kind of […]

John Wesley and money

imagine having someone in your church who was more concerned to see new churches being built than to make sure that they had meat for lunch. Someone who lived on vegetables and the sort of food that food that  those living below what we call the poverty line would have.  Someone who considered it a […]

Rich Young Ruler

Those of us who know the story of the rich young ruler know that he was told that there was one thing that he needed to do so that he could have the peace that he wanted. He had to go and sell everything he had. In other words he had to give up everything he […]

Buried talents

Many of us know the story of the man you went away for some time and before he went he gave his servants some. He knew his servants well so decided that some would be able to manage 5 bags of gold others 3 bags of gold but some would be better only given one. When he came back […]